Research Bridge Fellow, Simey C'16 and friends Science is Best Learned in the Lab
Scholarship Sewanee Student Research is Important at Sewanee

Research Bridge

Research Bridge is a research fellowship for students who have successfully completed the Sewanee Bridge Program and who been have been admitted to Sewanee and intend to attend Sewanee for their undergraduate education. An undergraduate research experience is a keystone experience for students wanting to study in the sciences. Research bridges the academic knowledge learned in class to the practical application of that knowledge. Students who do research tend to be better prepared for the critical thinking needed to be successful in the classroom and have reported a higher understanding of how basic science can be used for broader applications in science and medicine. 

Sewanee has a rich tradition of engaging students in research. Most faculty in the sciences work with students in their labs both during the summer and semester. Students have the opportunity to practice writing and getting published in the Journal of Sewanee Science and to present their work at our in-house symposium, Scholarship Sewanee. Our students also frequently publish and present nationally. 

Program Details:

  • Dates: June 11 - July 15th, 2018
  • Paid room and board, living in a dorm with current Sewanee students doing research on campus and access to the dining facilities. 
  • $350/wk stipend -  for 5 wks weeks of full-time work  
  • Placement into Sewanee faculty laboratory (please click here to learn more about Sewanee faculty doing biomedical research)
  • Orientation to research and scientific literature 
  • Personalized advising for upcoming course registration

How to apply:

  • Respond to emails concerning Research Bridge to let us know your intent to apply
  • Complete your deposit to attend Sewanee
  • Complete application as soon as you can and no later than May 1st.  
  • Application link